c.600AD – FIRST COMMUNITIES The Arawaks colonise Jamaica naming it Xaymaca.
1493 – CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS Columbus landing on Hispaniola Christopher Columbus lands on Jamaica meeting its peaceful inhabitants. Within 20 years of his arrival he, and those who come after him, exterminate the original inhabitants of the Islands through cruelty and disease.
1562 – SLAVERY John Hawkins kicks off British slave trade.
1655 – LAND GRAB
The British seize control of Jamaica from the Spanish.
1838 – SLAVERY ABOLISHED The end of slavery is hastened by slave revolts, such as the 1831 Christmas Rebellion.
1951 – SCIENCE BREAKTHROUGH Dr. Thomas Phillip Lecky develops the first breed of indigenous cattle, the Jamaica Hope. He later develops the Jamaica Red, Jamaica Brahman and Jamaica Black.
1958 – WEST INDIES FEDERATION Jamaica takes first steps towards independence in short-lived federation of several islands.
1959 – PUBLIC BROADCASTING Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation founded by premier Norman Manley.
SEPT 1961 – SECESSION Referendum supports secession from the West Indian Federation to press for full Jamaican independence.
House of Representatives sanctions the draft constitution for an independent Jamaica.
1 FEB 1962 – INDEPENDENCE LOOMS Jamaican independence conference Jamaican politicians fly to London for conference to set independence date.
APR 1962 – ELECTED Election win by Jamaica Labour Party ready to form the independent country’s first Government.
Jamaica admitted as an associate member of the World Health Organisation.
6 AUG 1962 –
Jamaica independence ceremony Flag raised on fully independent Jamaica.
1969 – NEW JAMAICAN NATIONAL HERO Bustamante, independent Jamaica’s first Prime Minister, joins gallery of heroes. > IMAGE GALLERY
1968 – TAKE OFF AIr Jamaica jet takes off

Air Jamaica established as the national airline.
1975 – JAMAICAN MUSIC Jamaican music goes global Jamaican music takes over the world.
1987 – CLEAR SIGHTED Jamaican scientists Professor Manley West and Dr. Albert Lockhart develop new eye medication by studying effects of cannabis.
1994 – VICTORY AGAINST INJUSTICE Jamaica plays instrumental role at UN in dismantling Apartheid in South Africa. A Jamaican heads the UN team to monitor the first free elections.
2000 – HOWZAT?
Courtney Walsh takes the record for most Test wickets. He is one of only four bowlers to have bowled over 5000 overs in Test cricket.
2004 – DRIVING FORWARD  First stage of Highway 2000, Kingston-Sandy Bay, completed.
2006 – WOMAN PM
Portia Simpson-Miller becomes Jamaica’s first female prime minister.
2008 – LIGHTNING BOLT jamaican usain bolt wins 100m thumb Jamaican Usain Bolt is fastest man in the world.
2010 – JAMAICA ONLINE Nearly 1.6 million internet users in Jamaica.
2011 – BACK ON TRACK Jamaican train resumes passenger service thumb First passenger train in 19 years.
JUL 2012 – GET SET... Jamaican athletes set to continue great athletic tradition at Olympics. > IMAGE GALLERY
AUG 2012 – 50 INDEPENDENT YEARS Jamaica celebrates 50 successful years of independence.
2012 – ANNIVERSARY VIDEO Celebrating 50 years Jamaica independence thumb Celebrating Jamaica at 50

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